ÖZPOR started the industrialism in the Insulation Sector through 100% local capital of Mr. Cazım ÖZAL, our founder and honorary president in Ankara via Özal Machine in 1985 and then through 7 EPS factories established in Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri and İzmir in 1988 respectively.

Since its establishment, ÖZPOR that acts only in the insulation sector has established respectively in the uninterrupted production/industrialism process for 30 years;

- ESP-Expandable Polystyrene
- XPS-Extruded Polystyrene
- Fiber glass
- Rack wool
- Shingle

and it has achieved great success. Until today, Özpor has established 17 plants and it has sold 16 of them to the different kind of institutions composed of small size, large size, local and international organizations. Recently, it sold its Fiber Glass plant located in Ankara/Polatlı to the Spanish Firm URSA at the amount of 37 million EURO +VAT.

Nowadays, it has continued to produce “Rack Wool with the palette/plastic wrap” that is the unique in Turkey in the sector and it has produced the most qualified rock wools having the advanced technology in the sector that could produce best products, environmental friendly and that is completely renewed in the

1st Organized Industry Region in Sincan, Ankara, capital of Turkey. As Özpor, our target is to perform the firsts as the innovator, to contribute for the Turkish economy and local production, to provide employment by considering the labor and employer health and to present a livable world for the next generations as well as to make innovative investments for producing environmental friendly and renewable products.

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  • 2014

    “By completing New Generation Özpor Rock Wool Investment, it has presented at the disposal of Turkey and sector accordingly”.
  • 2010

    A new link to our investments in the insulation sector… our “Shingle” investment having the capacity of 20.000.000 m²/year started its activities on 25th July 2010. In the plant that has high capacity and wide product range, apart from the oxide bitumen, our products modified by SBS and APP has sold by the product types of Star Shingle and Villa Shingle.
  • 2009

    Under the direction of our activities that we have performed to increase the product range, by means of a plant with the capacity of 2.250 tons/year, we started for the EPS production. In the plant, plate injection heat insulation plate at the density of 8 - 40 kg/m³, jacketing plate supported by carbon and injection cast manufacturing have been produced accordingly.
  • 2007

    Our new fiberglass plant having the capacity of 15.000 tons/years started for production. By means of wide range of product in the plate and mattress production, the plant has started for the production and our total fiberglass production capacity has reached to 21.000 tons/years and in our new plant, it is targeted to sell a large part of the produced material to the export markets.
  • 2002

    ÖZPOR completed its rockwool investment and it has included the rockwool in its production network.
  • 2001

    ÖZPOR has also completed its first fiberglass investment and has started to produce the fiberglass.
  • 1998

    ÖZPOR has started to produce first XPS/Polyboard.
  • 1987

    ÖZPOR has completed the EPS/Styropor investment as well as it has taken steps in industrialism and has started for production accordingly.
  • 1985

    ÖZPOR has started for its activities in the sector through construction materials sale.